Ciao and thanks for coming by - I’m Anja Kolby and this is my story.

I am creative, colourful, sensitive, positive, open-minded, spontaneous, efficient and outgoing – and other days I am absolutely introvert and best in the armchair with my yellow blanket and a book hiding from the world.

I live in the middle of the vibrant, multicultural Copenhagen area called Nørrebro and enjoy my hood like it was a small village. I’m married to an Italian (and, yes he is really good at doing pastas), and together with our two kids we have our second home in North of Italy. So my life, my living, my knowledge, my language, my behaviour is a big mix of North and South. Just the way I like it.

After growing up at my Dads clothing factory I continued in the fashion industry for several years as a Stylist, Visual Merchandiser and Concept Developer, until I was ready going on my own. And hey, see how time flies - I have been having my own company for about 10 year!

* I can make everything look nice and yummy. I don’t need a huge budget or unlimited materials to make the most attractive table setting, window dressing, room interior or business card. I get challenged by limits and see it as both my duty and strength to deliver the right solution.

* I mix styling, graphic design and creativity to make the best concepts for every occasion.

* I take in people, places, society and surroundings. I spot them, I feel them, I think about them, I care about them, I analyse them, I live with them – and in this way expand my knowledge about the upcoming trends.

* I love to play, create and work and I offer the following services and products:

window / store / interior / fair stall / event

graphic guide / colour guide / styling guide / visual story

colour chart / mood board / visual book / magic box

retail / product / brand / event

Please, contact me for prices, projects and possibilities.

My company, Palermo Hollywood 2.0, is on Instagram

If you are CV curious, just take a look at my LinkedIn profile.