In colour-heaven!

Last summer I made a plan to start visiting the most colourful places in Europe. I had maybe seen some of them, but imagined there were a lot more. And in my search, one place came up again and again - and attracted me more than the rest. Burano Island - just outside of Venice. The pictures looked liked a fairytale - bright colours on all houses. Placed by canals - on a small island. In Italy - not too far from Milan, where we were going anyway.

So off we went to this small island - 40 min boat ride from Venice. We stayed there for two nights and made our own fairytale. It is an amazing place!

It was a step outside our everyday life - into another world. A colourful world. The houses are painted in bright colours, lime, pink, turquoise, ultramarin, lemon, orange, so the old fishermen could find their way home. But to me every street was a new colour chart. It was so inspiring. The streets were busy with locals in the morning and at night time, in the afternoon tourists. But most tourists are not staying on the island, so at night we had it nearly on our own with the locals.  If you are ever near Venice, you should go there. Not just for the adventure of walking around the colourful streets with a sea breeze in your hair, but also for the food, the people and the neighbour islands. Next to Burano - you just need to pass a wooden bridge - is Mazorbo, where you'll find Venissa Wineresort, which is covering most of the island. The food, the wine, the service, the nature is amazing. The boat to Venice goes 2-3 times an hour from Burano - and the first stop is 5 min away, Torcello island. History and nature makes it easy a half-day-tour. It is worth visiting both the church, the museum, the fields and the local restaurants. But for me it was the mix of all bright colours at once, which was the absolutely highlight of this trip.

Links: Venissa Wineresort + Burano Island