* I can make everything look nice and yummy. I don’t need a huge budget or unlimited materials to make the most attractive table setting, window dressing, room interior or business card. I get challenged by limits and see it as both my duty and strength to deliver the right solution.

* I mix styling, graphic design and creativity to make the best concepts for every occasion.

* I take in people, places, society and surroundings. I spot them, I feel them, I think about them, I care about them, I analyse them, I live with them – and in this way expand my knowledge about the upcoming trends.

* I love to play and work and I offer the following services and products to you:

window / store / interior / fair stall / event

graphic guide / colour guide / styling guide / visual story

colour chart / mood board / visual book / magic box

retail / product / brand / event

Please, contact me for prices, projects and possibilities.

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