Anja Facts

* I love yellow! It remind me of sunshine, light, life, creativity, feelings, happiness, angels, magic, warm weather, summer time, passion fruit, glitter, freedom and lemon trees. Check out Instagram for #alwaysyellow.
* My favourite food is Mexican. Chilli, coriander, lime, corn, tomatoes, hot, spicy, greasy, colourful. What's not to like?!
* I speak Danish, English and Italian - I have beside Denmark lived in England, Italy and Australia.


Ciao, thanks for coming by – my name is Anja Kolby.

I am creative, colourful, sensitive, positive, open-minded, spontaneous, efficient and outgoing – and other days I am absolutely introvert and best in the armchair with my yellow blanket and a book hiding from the world.

I live in the middle of the vibrant, multicultural Copenhagen area called Nørrebro and enjoy my hood like it was a small village. I’m married to an Italian (and, yes he is really good at doing pastas), and together with our two kids we have our second home in North of Italy. So my life, my living, my knowledge, my language, my behaviour is a big mix of North and South. Just the way I like it.

After growing up at my Dads clothing factory I continued in the fashion industry for several years as a Visual Merchandiser and Concept Developer, until I was ready going on my own.

Today I'm Co-owner in the sparkling universe, Palermo Hollywood. We have two stores and a webshop. We sell books, paper, palms and party decor. We knew it was something special, but felt it even more, when Monocle wrote about us in their guide about Copenhagen.

On my own I make visual stories and retail styling for companies and stores - especially in the fashion, interior and lifestyle industry. And I'm pretty good at it - if I can say so myself. You are welcome to check my work life at LinkedIn.

But the biggest of my passions is colour. Colour stories. In books, paint, paper, fashion, patterns, interior, retail, nature, people, food - all kind. I admire anything, anywhere and anyone colourful. And that's why I have created this website - because I really want to share all my stories with love, colours and inspiration.

My stories are personal. They are based on, what I think, feel and experience. They makes me really happy and inspire me, motivate me, engage me – and even make me smile! And it would be pure pleasure, if they could do the same for you.

Welcome to my colourful universe.

Warm regards,